Eating Cornflakes at Night for Weight loss

Benefits of eating cornflakes at night.

Eating Cornflakes at night for weight loss? 

Eating cornflakes at night might be a good option if you want to lose weight. It is a light diet option for the night. 

Due to its low fat and low-calorie content, it can be considered a good option for weight loss. But it is also low in protein and fiber.

Corn flakes are processed food with high sugar content and they can cause several health issues. High amounts of sugar in cornflakes can cause weight gain. Fructose corn syrup, bad oil, and malt flavouring in cornflakes make it a highly unhealthy food. 

Not all cereals are bad to eat at night. Corn flakes are one type of cereal with fewer nutrients. It is a light and easy food to digest at night. It is also high in carbohydrates which is good for digestion. 

To make cornflakes healthy to eat at night for weight loss, you can add vegetables and nuts like almonds to them. It is also recommended to reduce the number of cornflakes to make them healthy. 

Instead, you can also take whole grain cereal to eat at night. It contains more fiber and is good for weight management. 

Cereals are made up of corn, wheat, oats, and rice which help to relax the body for sleeping and they also contain less sugar. Melatonin in these cereals provides better sleep. Carbohydrates in cereals also help in digestion.

Is it okay to Eat Corn flakes every day? 

Corn flakes are a simple and popular breakfast option. You can go for cornflakes if you don’t have the time to cook. But eating it every day is not a good option. Because:

  • Corn flakes contain high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) which is not suitable for eating every day. 
  • Eating cornflakes every day can increase the risk of type-2 diabetes. 
  • It is low in calories which can help in weight loss but on the other hand, it can also affect your health. 

You should eat cornflakes only once or twice a week. So it is also required to eat it in moderation. 

Corn flakes with Milk for Weight loss.

Corn flakes with Milk for Weight loss.
Corn flakes with Milk for Weight loss.


Corn flakes alone do not keep you fuller for a long time. But with milk, it will not only keep you fuller but also provides you with the required nutrients which cornflakes lack. 

Adding cold milk to cornflakes gives a delicious taste and makes your meal protein-rich. It also improves your heart health and immunity. 

But eating cornflakes every day with milk will not help you in weight loss. You should take it in moderation. It is also important to avoid adding sugar to it for weight loss. 

What to use for Cornflakes when out of Milk

1) Plant-based milk alternatives for cereal:

Almond milk- It also gives a good taste and great option for adding cornflakes. 

Oat milk- Oat milk offers a creamy taste in cornflakes. 

Soy milk- Soy milk contains a good amount of plant-based protein for cereal. 

Best part is you can prepare all these milks at home with the help of plant-based milk maker without any additives.

2) Fruits: Fruits like pineapple, bananas, and strawberries give a delicious taste along with fiber, potassium, and other nutritional benefits. 

3) Yogurt- Yogurt works best with cornflakes during summertime. 

4) Dark chocolate- Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and even white chocolate are also best to use with cornflakes.

5) Raisins- Raisins also go best with cornflakes. 

6) Vanilla Extract- Adding vanilla extract to cornflakes makes it the best breakfast to eat. 

Can I eat Cornflakes with Water?

Eating cornflakes with water
Eating cornflakes with water


Milk gives a creamy texture to cornflakes but water gives a slightly different and simple taste when added to cornflakes. 

When water is added to cornflakes, it makes cornflakes soft but on the other hand, it also makes cornflakes a bit boring. 

Water in plain cereal also reduces the calorie intake and it absorbs water faster. Adding milk to cornflakes makes them thicker and high in calories. 

Adding water can also become a good option for people who have lactose intolerance. 

Some people love adding water to cornflakes while some people find it disgusting. It depends upon personal preference. But using water instead of milk is also a healthy option. 

Oats or Corn flakes which are Better for Weight loss?

Oats are a versatile food with a low glycaemic index. On the other hand, cornflakes raise your blood sugar levels due to their high glycaemic index. 

Oats are good for heart health and help to control blood sugar levels. Oats have higher vitamins and minerals than cornflakes with low sugar content.  

Oats are a good source of beta-glucan which improve insulin resistance. Oats contain a good amount of healthy fats for the body. These are minimally processed as compared to cornflakes. 

Usually, cereals are loaded with sugar, corn syrup, and artificial sweeteners which do not make them a good choice for a weight loss diet but Oats are a better choice for weight loss. 

High protein, complex carbs, and fibers make oats the best choice for weight loss.

High nutrition in oats is good for your health and it keeps you fuller for a longer time and also protects you from extra calorie intake or overeating. 

Oats contain higher vitamins and minerals than cornflakes. It is also good for muscle building. 

In conclusion, oats are better to eat than cornflakes but it does not mean cornflakes are not. Corn flakes also contain vitamins and minerals which are good for your health. If you want to take the benefits of corn flakes then, you should check the ingredients of it before buying.

Is Frosted flakes Cereal bad for You? 

Frosted flakes are very low in fiber and protein but very high in sugar. It is one of the sugariest cereals in the world which is definitely not good for you. High sugar in it also causes weight gain. 

Artificial sweeteners in it are also not good for your gut health. Milled corn in it makes it a bad cereal choice for you. 

It contains empty calories and high glycemic content that can be harmful for your health. 

Vitamins and minerals in frosted flakes are very less. It contains very minimal nutrients that can be obtained from any other food. 

Frosted flakes are not the best cereal choice for weight loss. Instead you can choose other cereals with a good amount of minerals, fibers, and proteins with less sugar content.

Extremely high sugar content in frosted flakes can ruin your diet and health.  


Can I eat cornflakes at night?

You can eat cornflakes at night if you want to lose weight. Because it is a light meal alternative. It has fewer nutrients and that’s why it is easy to digest at night.

Is eating cornflakes every day the right choice?

Eating cornflakes every day is not a very healthy option for you, if you want to consume it frequently, then you should add healthy fruits in it to make it healthy.

Can I eat cornflakes without milk?

If you want to eat cornflakes without regular milk. Then you can use almond milk, oat milk, soy milk, yogurt, and vanilla extract instead. It is a good option for vegans.