After Eating Watermelon how long should I wait to Eat?

How long should I wait to eat after eating watermelon?

During summer, people enjoy watermelon a lot and in summer, it not only gives you hydrating benefits but also gives essential minerals and nutrients to your body. 

But watermelon is a fruit that you should eat alone. Yes, the best way to eat watermelon is to eat it alone and not to eat it with meals or other foods. 

You can take it between meals and eat it as a healthy snack. Eating it during the day works best as compared to at night. 

Eating it with certain foods can disrupt the absorption of nutrients and leads to several digestive issues. 

Normally, it takes 25-30 minutes to digest watermelon. For a safe place, you should wait for 5-15 minutes extra also.

Ideally, you should put at least a one-hour eating gap between watermelon and other foods. Due to the rich water content in watermelon, it digests fast but it can also be hard on your stomach. 

What happens if We drink Water after Eating Watermelon?

Not much research is available on this but people often experience various digestive issues when they consume water right after eating watermelon. 

Watermelon has high water content and there are very high chances that you will not be thirsty that much. On the other hand, drinking water after any fruit is not a good idea.

Consuming water after watermelon can cause an imbalance in the stomach due to an excess amount of water in the stomach. It can cause gastrointestinal and acidity problems. This badly impacts the stomach and leads to various infections.  

People even experience headaches and discomfort in the body after this. Those who have weak stomachs are most likely to experience these problems. 

Watermelon alone can cause diarrhea, gas, and other digestive issues in some people who have IBS and other digestive issues. 

Normally doctors recommend putting at least one hour gap between fruits and water. 

Watermelon is a great source of hydration and it hydrates you so fast that you don’t need to drink water after it. 

Can I drink Water before Eating Watermelon?

It is recommended to put at least one hour gap between water and any fruit. And in the case of watermelon, you should put a 1 hour gap between water and watermelon whether it is before or after. 

Can we drink Milk after Eating Watermelon?

Taking milk and watermelon together is the worst combination for your health. Taking both can be toxic for your body. 

Both are very nutritious but have a totally different nature. Milk has a very mild and sweet nature. On the other hand, watermelon is slightly acidic in nature. Milk is best to take with sweet fruits or ripe fruits.  

It is better to avoid this combination to prevent various digestive problems you might face after having them. 

In most cases, people face extreme stomach aches, vomiting, discomfort, and illness after having them. Therefore, you should avoid drinking milk after eating watermelon. 

But if you really want to take milk after watermelon then you should put at least 2 hour gap between them. In case of a weak stomach, you should totally avoid it.  

Can we drink Tea after Eating watermelon? 

It depends upon what kind of tea you are drinking. 

Is it milk tea, herbal tea, or acidic nature tea? 

Because milk and watermelon together are not good for your health, therefore, you should avoid drinking any kind of milk tea after a watermelon. 

It also depends upon the nature of the fruit you are eating. Drinking acidic tea after eating watermelon can cause acidity issues. Therefore you should avoid acidic teas such as green tea and black tea after eating watermelon. 

Instead, you should drink teas of mild nature such as mild white tea, iced tea, and green tea(smooth). 

You can also take certain herbal teas such as chamomile tea. Herbal teas work best in the case of improving digestion. These teas are also mild in nature and contain zero calories. 

But it is required to put some time gap between watermelon and tea to avoid any discomfort. 

Watermelon in the Morning Empty Stomach

Eating Watermelon in the Morning
Eating Watermelon in the Morning

When it comes to eating fruits on an empty stomach, watermelon is one of the best fruits to eat on an empty stomach. 

It is very beneficial to eat on an empty stomach, especially during summer. 

It is the best source of hydration and improves eye health and heart health. 

You can also eat it before lunch as a healthy snack. It not only works on your physical health but also on mental health. It is the best fruit that helps to improve your mood and provides a good hormonal balance. 

During summer, it gives cooling effects and keeps you fuller for a long time. 

Due to low calories, it works best in weight management.*

Can We Eat Watermelon after Lunch?

Eating watermelon with meals is not a good choice. However, if you are planning to eat it after lunch. 

It is better to eat watermelon as an evening snack hours after lunch because it is a fruit that you should eat alone.

You can eat it in the evening without any worries. It is not good for your digestion if you eat watermelon right after lunch. 

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Can We Eat Watermelon at Night?

Watermelon is a fruit that is best to eat in the morning but worst to eat at night. You should not consume watermelon after the evening. 

There are main 6 reasons why you should not eat watermelon at night:

  1. Watermelon has a good amount of water and eating it at night can cause frequent urination which will disrupt your sleep. 
  2. The natural sugar present in watermelon causes weight gain at night. 
  3. It can lead to several digestive issues at night and cause slow digestion. 
  4. It is acidic in nature therefore it is not good for your stomach at night.
  5. It potentially can cause bowel movement issues at night. 
  6. It can also increase blood sugar levels if consumed in excess amounts at night. 

Due to these reasons, you should avoid watermelon at night. Watermelon is a very nutritious fruit and gives various health benefits if consumed at the right time in the required quantity.