Almond Peel Good or Bad, 10 Soaked Almond Benefits

Almond peel good or bad? What is the best time to eat almonds? There are many debates on it. Almonds are rich in nutrients, fiber, magnesium, protein, vitamin E, copper, and healthy fats. Almonds are good for brain memory, blood pressure, and heart health.  

But eating them without peeling can be difficult to digest. Because almond peels have a hard composition and tannin. 

Tannin in Almond Skin – The brown peel of almonds contains tannin (nutrient inhibitor), which not only causes a bitter taste but also resists the absorption of nutrients. If you soak almonds overnight and peel them off before eating then it becomes easy for the body to absorb all the nutrients of almonds. 

The best way to eat almonds is to soak them for 8-12 hours overnight in lukewarm water and peel them off in the morning for eating (as a snack). Eating 10 almonds every day works best for the body. 

When we soak almonds, it becomes easy to digest. 

Thus almonds become less bitter and softer with a buttery taste. 

Californian almonds are the best quality almonds in the market. They commercially yield almonds in California. That’s why almonds are also known as the ‘Pearls of California’.

10 healthy Benefits of Soaked Almonds:

Almonds reduce oxidative stress, diabetes, and glucose homeostasis. It also cuts down the bad cholesterol (LDL). Doctors recommend almond milk to lactose intolerant patients. 

Almonds are a good source of anti-oxidants which protects the cell from free-radical damage and oxidative stress. It reduces the risk of cancer and prevents aging. 

Vitamin E in almonds reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and cancer. 

Magnesium is essential for cognitive performance in humans. Magnesium in almonds maintains brain health and protects cognitive functioning. High blood pressure is one of the main reasons for strokes and heart attacks. Magnesium helps to lower blood pressure.

Almonds contain both soluble and insoluble types of dietary fiber. Soluble fiber helps in lowering cholesterol while insoluble type fiber of almonds passes through the digestive system without any breakdown. Both types of fibers are good for your gut health. 

Healthy fats in almonds provide fullness for the whole day. 

Fiber and protein in almonds work best as energy providers and are good for digestion.

When we soak almonds, it becomes easy for the body to absorb all these nutrients properly.

Soaking almonds also reduce anti-nutrient levels which cause indigestion. 

Soaking almonds reduces phytic acid levels which inhibit nutrient absorption.

Provides better circulation of blood. Good for reproductive tissues. 

Best time to eat Almonds for Brain 

Along with the nutritious benefits of almonds. Almonds also reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s because it helps in the increment of brain function. It also reduces the risk of cardiovascular and nervous disease. 

Almonds improve memory and promote healthy neurological function. The protein of almonds not only boosts energy but also helps in repairing the brain cells. It also improves memory. 

Almonds also prevent brain and memory problems and improve memory retention. Almonds not only improve brain focus and concentration but also reduces inflammation. 

Best time to eat almonds for brain is morning time. Soaking almonds overnight and peel them off in the morning for eating (as a snack) is the best way the to eat almonds.

Almonds contain Omega-3 fatty acids which are necessary for the maintenance of brain health. Almonds are good for the development of brain cells in growing children. 

Taking 10 almonds (soaked and peeled) every day is good for brain health. 

Can we drink Almond Soaked Water?

When we soak almonds for 8-10 hours then almonds release all the tannin, phytic acid, cyanide compound, CO2, and other impurities in water. Drinking that water is not good for your health. 

You can drink almond soak water but not that initially soaked water because of impurities. So it is better to throw away that water. But, there are some uses of almonds peel given below: 

Almond Peel Use (Don’t throw Almond Peels) 

  • You can grind almond peels and,
  • Use them in condensed milk 
  • Use them in yogurt
  • Mix them with face wash
  • Add peels with a face mask
  • Use them to make chutney 
  • Use them in making cookies and cupcakes

Almond soaked peels promote good bacteria in the gut and help in cleaning the digestive system. Almond peels protect cells from free radical damage. 

Almond peels are good for hair growth because almonds peels contain vitamin E. For making a hair mask with almond peels, you should mix almond peels with honey, eggs, and aloe-vera gel. Apply this hair mask for 15-20 minutes then wash your hair. 

You can grind soaked almond peels and make a powder. Then you can use that powder in fertilizer for plant growth. Almond peels provide a good amount of vitamin E to plants.