7 Amazing Raw Mango Eating Benefits during Summer

Top Raw Mango Eating Benefits during Summer and Side Effects.

Benefits of Eating Raw Mango with Salt

Eating raw mango with a pinch of salt on it prevents the loss of water in the body. It not only quenches your thirst but prevents you from the negative impact of high temperatures during summer. 

It reduces the loss of sodium chloride in the body because a lot of sodium chloride reduces due to sweating during summer.  

It helps to deal with excessive heat. 

Adding salt to green mango also prevents bacterial growth. It enhances the fruit’s natural flavor. 

Raw mango Benefits for Skin

A good amount of nutrients in raw mango helps in collagen production and improves your skin health. Vitamin C plays an important role in collagen production and raw mango is rich in vitamin C. 

You can apply raw mango on your face directly to reduce blackheads and dark spots. It treats acne and skin aging problems. Green mango gives you smooth and glowing skin with deep cleaning. You can also use mango oil and extract to take Amazon benefits. 

Green mango also protects your skin from intense heat and also prevents dehydration. You can also apply mango butter to your skin to keep it moisturized and protect it from external damage. 

Benefits of Eating Raw Mango 

Summer Heat- Eating green mango reduces sunstroke effects. Raw mango also reduces sweltering heat effects during summer. It also works best for dehydration during the summer. 

Immunity and Digestion- Vitamins in raw mangoes boost Immunity and improve digestion. It reduces acidity, constipation, Indigestion, and other digestion problems. 

Weight Loss- Low sugar content in raw mango increases metabolism which helps in weight loss. Unripe mangoes are low in calories which helps in weight loss. The high fiber content in green mango makes it a good choice to maintain weight. 

Heart health- It also reduces heart diseases such as the risk of cardiac disease and lowers cholesterol. Green mango contains a good amount of fatty acids, vitamin content especially vitamin B, antioxidants, and potassium that are necessary to keep your heart healthy. It improves blood circulation and keeps your heart healthy. 

Eye Health- Raw mango contains lutein and zeaxanthin which are necessary for your eye health. High levels of carotenoids in green mango improve eye vision and keep your eye healthy. 

Liver health- Raw mangoes promote the secretion of bile acids which helps in breaking down fats. It cleans the intestinal bacterial infection and removes the toxins. It keeps your liver healthy and treats various liver disorders. 

Disadvantages of Eating Raw Mango 

Raw mango can cause indigestion, diarrhea, and other gastric problems if consumed in excess amounts. It can also cause stomach pain and stomach irritation.

You should not eat unripe mango if you are experiencing any kind of allergy or throat pain after eating it. 

It is recommended to eat only one mango per day to take proper benefits. 

Raw mango vs Ripe mango, Which is best for Summer? 

Raw mango vs ripe mango
Raw mango vs ripe mango

Raw or Unripe Mango- Raw or green mango is richer in vitamin C than ripe mango and contains less sugar content than ripe mango. 

It is the best choice for summer because it protects your body from free radical damage. 

Raw mango has cooling effects on the body. 

It is good for weight loss because it is low in calories and high in fiber. 

Green mango works best for liver disorders and helps in digestion. 

It contains more antioxidants and that’s why it is used to make pickles and chutneys. 

Unripe mango promotes healthy vision.

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Ripe mango- Ripe mango is higher in sugar content and calories than raw sugar. 

Ripe mangoes cause heating in the body. 

It contains fiber, potassium, vitamin C and A. Ripe mangoes contain 27% more calories than raw mangoes. 

Ripe mangoes are beneficial for your skin because they clean your skin deeply, and help your skin to glow. 

Vitamin A in ripe mango keeps your eyes healthy. 

Due to its high sugar content, you should eat it in moderation because it can cause high blood sugar levels and also cause weight gain. 

Eating Green Mango at Night Good or Bad 

Experts say eating mangoes at night can be dangerous for your blood sugar levels. It can cause indigestion at night. It also causes acne.

But eating green mango at night is better than eating unhealthy snacks. 

Because green mangoes are packed with nutrients that are beneficial for your body. 

At night, it not only satisfies your craving but also prevents you from unhealthy snacking. 

Does Raw Mango Cause Heat in Body

There is no doubt that ripe mango causes heating in the body. But raw works the opposite in this case. 

Raw mangoes are cool in nature and give cooling effects to the body during summer. Therefore raw mangoes are used to make a refreshment drink called Tangy Green Mango Drink (Aam Panna). They keep your body cool. 

However, you can still soak them in water for a few hours to give your body a cooling effect during summer. 

Green Mango Powder 

Green Mango Powder - Amchur Powder
Green Mango Powder – Amchur Powder

Green mango powder is also known as Amchur powder. It is used to add unique flavor to the food. Along with its unique citrus taste, it also helps to improve digestion. 

Due to its amazing benefits, it is used in various Ayurvedic medicines. 

Amchur powder treats acne and detoxifies the skin. It improves skin toning and makes skin healthy. 

This fruity spice can also be sprinkled on dishes or desserts. It is also used in soups. 

Green mango powder has fewer side effects and it is safe to use daily.  

It provides many benefits to your skin and hair. 

Mango Leaf Extract- 

Experts say mango leaf extract contains great medical benefits. Mango leaf extract contains anti-oxidant and anti-obesity properties. 

Antioxidants in mango leaf extract like carotenoids and ascorbic acid make it the best choice for eye health. It also contains a good amount of flavonoids. 

Mango leaf extract also reduces the risk of diabetes and cancer. It works pretty well to deal with diarrhea. 

However, detailed research is needed to find its other potential benefits. 


Is green mango good for sore throat?

You should wash green mangoes very well and consume them in moderation. Because in some cases, people experience allergies and sore throat problems after consuming raw mango.

Is raw mango good for cough?

Raw mangoes are rich in antioxidants and vitamins that protect the body from cough and cold. Fiber-rich content in raw mango help to relieve cough and clear the airways.

Does raw mango cause heat in the body?

Ripe mango causes more heat in the body than raw mangoes. Raw mango gives cooling to the body and is also used in summer drinks. To reduce heat in raw mango, you can soak them in water.

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