When to Eat Oranges Morning or Night

Oranges are necessary for the growth and development of our body tissues. Oranges contain fibre, Vitamin C, and other minerals which maintain the digestive system, skin glow, and memory. And also prevents diseases like obesity, diabetes, and heart issues. 

But, what is the best time to eat oranges in a day? Morning or Night?

 The best time to eat oranges is morning time, and the best way to eat oranges in the morning is to eat them with breakfast.  Eating oranges with breakfast helps to maximize the nutritional content for the body and fibre in oranges keeps you fuller for the day. 

You can also eat oranges as a snack between two meals. 

After a meal, eating oranges can create digestive issues, and eating right after having a meal is considered the worst time to eat oranges. 

Eating Oranges in the Morning Empty Stomach.

Can we eat oranges on an empty stomach? There are a lot of debates about it. 

But the straight answer is NO. It is not good for your empty stomach. 

When we eat oranges on an empty stomach, the citric acid of oranges interacts with stomach acid which causes acid production in the stomach. This not only affects the digestive system but also causes bloating, ulcers, and heartburn. Which also affects our mood. 

Fructose in oranges can slow down the digestive system if we consume oranges on an empty stomach.   

Instead of eating oranges on an empty stomach, you can try other fruits like bananas, pomegranates, and papayas and foods like soaked almonds, chia seeds, and honey with water. 

Eating Oranges at Night Time

Night time is the worst time to eat oranges. 

When we sleep, our body processes slow down because our body needs rest at that time. During sleep, our body muscles become inactive and lose their ability to convert sugar. Thus glucose goes directly to our liver and turns into fat. Which increases the risk of diabetes, and hypertension and causes indigestion.

Orange contains diuretic properties which increase urination frequency and disturbs our sleep. It can also cause insomnia. 

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Orange Juice on an Empty Stomach 

Eating fresh oranges is much better than drinking orange juice, no matter how fresh the orange juice is. 

Orange juice contains more calories and carbohydrates but contains a smaller amount of fibre than orange. Most of the fibre is present in the orange pulp. Dietary fibre in oranges not only prevents constipation and weight gain but also improves digestion. 

Orange juice also contains a higher amount of Vitamin C than orange which can cause acidity. 

Regular consumption of orange juice may lead to high blood sugar levels which increases the risk of type 2 diabetes. And if you are taking juices from the market, the chances can become higher of diabetes disease because market juices go through multiple processing and are loaded with sugar and preservatives. 

However, you can take the benefits of orange juice by drinking it immediately after squeezing. 

The best time for drinking orange juice is 1-2 hours after breakfast or lunch.

How Oranges Can Help You Get Better Skin. What is the Best time to Eat Oranges for the Skin?

Adding oranges to your daily routine is a great way to keep your skin toxin free. 

Natural oils and anti-oxidants in oranges not only make your skin bright and soft but also protect it from free radicals.   

Vitamin C in oranges helps to produce new skin cells and keep your skin young. It increases collagen production and makes your skin firm and plump. 

Orange consumption brings a bright glow to your face by lightening up dark spots, acne scars, and uneven skin tone. Thus it makes your skin clear, clean, and healthy. 

The citric acid in oranges prevents acne. 

Vitamin C in orange controls the signs of fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation. 

Anti-oxidant properties in orange prevent skin cancer diseases.

The anti-inflammatory properties of oranges help the skin to heal inflammation and redness. 

The habit of eating oranges gives tremendous benefits to your skin. And you can also use oranges in your skincare routine in various ways.

You can use orange extract moisturizers, orange eye masks, serum or serum gels, brighteners, SPFs, face wash, cleanse, etc. to remove impurities in your skin and to keep your skin dust and dirt free.  

Benefits of Eating an Orange a day 

Eating oranges prevent diseases like obesity, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), diabetes, and heart diseases. 

Orange contains folate which is essential for WBCs and RBCs production. A deficiency of folates can lead to vision-related problems, weakness, and memory-related problems. It can also cause fatigue and depression. 

Eating oranges promotes glowing skin. 

Oranges contain dietary fibres which are good for weight loss and good for digestion.  

One orange can fill the whole requirement of Vitamin C for the day. 

White blood cells protect our body from several viral, fungal, and bacterial infections. And Vitamin C plays an essential role in White blood cell production.

Magnesium in oranges helps to maintain blood pressure at a healthy range and also keeps blood vessels pliable. 

High fibre and anti-oxidant content in oranges protect your stomach from ulcers.

Flavonoid anti-oxidant in oranges improves brain memory, and learning and maintains the health of the brain. 

Vitamin C in oranges helps in the development and the maintenance of the eye cornea (outer layer of the eye) and helps in the blood flow through the small eye capillaries. It also prevents macular degeneration and keeps your eye vision healthy. 

The citric acid in oranges prevents kidney stones and calcium oxalate stones

Oranges are a good source of calcium which makes our bones stronger and also good for our teeth

Oranges improve iron absorption ability and help to fight anaemia

Oranges contain natural sugar which has a lot of nutritional benefits for the body. This sugar is much better than the sugar that is used in market candies and other sweets. 

Potassium in oranges helps to lower blood sugar levels and is good for reducing hypertension. 

Oranges help to boost the immunity system and protect our body from various kinds of viruses and germs. 



Is eating orange at night after dinner right?

Orange is a citrus fruit and can cause acidity and heartburn at night. To avoid digestive issues you should not consume it at night. Therefore, you should avoid orange at night after dinner.

Is eating oranges in the morning empty stomach good?

First, eating fiber-rich content alone on an empty stomach is not good for your stomach. Second, oranges contain citric acid and can cause acid production in the body. Third, it has a high sugar content that can raise your blood sugar levels very quickly.