how to avoid cold after eating banana

To avoid cold after eating banana, these tips can help you. However,  you will not catch a cold after eating bananas. But banana is a cold fruit and it promotes mucus and cough. To avoid or to clear that mucus and to avoid cold after eating banana:

  • You can try inhaling medicinal steam at night right before going to bed.
  • In the morning, taking a spoon of honey with a pinch of black pepper helps a lot to avoid cold.
  • Taking warm liquids like soup and tea also helps to control the cold.

Does banana cause cold and cough

Mothers believe that after eating bananas, kids will catch a cold/cough but it’s not true. Instead of that, it helps in recovery. Experts say bananas contain a good amount of minerals, water, fiber, and potassium that boost our immunity. 

If you regularly catch a cold & cough right after eating a banana. Then, there are high chances that you are allergic to bananas.

Banana Allergy:

If you eat a banana and you face problems like itching, swelling, sneezing, vomiting, red eyes, and diarrhea frequently.  Then you need to see a doctor. Some people even get allergic reactions after skin contact with banana peels. It depends upon the type of allergy you have.


Does eating banana at night cause cold 

Banana is generally safe to eat at night and it also helps to get quality sleep. But you should avoid it during winter if you have a cold because it can cause more mucus which causes more irritation. If you want to eat a banana at night then you should eat it before 2-3 hours of sleep because banana takes time to digest.