Does Coconut Milk Cause Acidity, Constipation and Gas?

Does Coconut Milk Cause Acidity, Constipation and Gas?

The coconut milk made from fresh coconut is alkaline in nature(7 pH). On the other hand, coconut milk made from dried coconuts is slightly acidic in nature(6 pH).

It also depends upon the additives used in coconut milk. Because additives used to make coconut milk can also make it acidic which causes acidity and heartburn. 

The anti-inflammatory properties of coconut milk due to the presence of lauric acid are very helpful in treating acidity and protecting the stomach lining. 

It also helps in reducing acid reflux and provides a natural balance in your stomach.

Coconut is a very nutritious fruit that has a creamy taste and great flavor. It contains healthy fats which keep your heart healthy, reduces the risk of cardiovascular problems, reduces bad cholesterol and prevents heartburn.  

It is a rich-calorie fruit that works best for the stomach, increases stamina, and reduces inflammation.

But consuming too much coconut milk can cause constipation due to the presence of high fibers. Normal coconut milk contains sound 18% of dietary fiber according to your daily requirements. 

Taking coconut milk in moderation improves digestion and treats constipation. 

Normally coconut milk is easy to digest but its pulp and high fats make it hard to break down during digestion and cause constipation. 

To make it easy to digest, you can dilute it. It is the best choice to add to your diet to ease constipation. You can add it to cereals, and fruit chaats, and take it with daily meals. It is also a great option to add to shakes and smoothies. 

Coconut milk is less acidic than regular milk therefore, it is a great choice for those who have lactose intolerance. 

As a vegan, you can replace your normal cow milk with coconut milk. 

Remember, Coconut milk is different from coconut water.

Due to the presence of fructose, it can cause gaseous problems. But it also depends upon how much you take it. Consuming coconut milk in small quantities reduces gas problems.

Is Coconut Milk High in Uric Acid?

is coconut milk high in uric acid
is coconut milk high in uric acid

Coconut is rich in fats therefore consuming it in excess can cause weight gain. More weight gain causes more uric acid. Which will be resultant in gout. Therefore, consuming coconut might not be a good option for you if you are suffering from Gout. 

But coconut milk contains less purine than actual coconut. Therefore, even if you have gout, you can still consume coconut milk. But in this case, you can’t drink it regularly. Drinking it a maximum of two times a week is a safer option for you. 

When we consume purine, then our body produces uric acid(as waste). And uric acid causes gout which is painful for joints.

There are two major reasons for high uric acid i.e. weight gain and obesity that you should avoid. 

Does Coconut Milk Cause Stomach Pain?

Reasons, why Coconut milk cause Stomach Pain:

  1. Coconut milk is high in saturated fats which can cause digestive issues. 
  2. Carbohydrates in coconut milk are also difficult to digest for some people that cause stomach pain. 
  3. Sometimes, additives in coconut milk cause stomach pain. 
  4. Coconut allergy can also cause why you feel stomach pain.
  5. Coconut milk’s dietary fiber causes stomach pain, gas, and bloating if you consume it in excess. 
  6. People who have IBS and IBD should avoid coconut milk.
  7. Around 30% of the population of Western countries suffer from fructose malabsorption. And coconut milk contains fructose which may cause stomach pain. 

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Does Coconut Milk Cause Loose Stool?

Reasons Coconut milk can cause loose stool:

  1. Consuming coconut milk in excess causes watery bowel movements sometimes. 
  2. More than three loose stools in a day can be declared as diarrhea. Consuming too much coconut milk causes diarrhea or other gastric problems. 
  3. High fats in it can also cause loose stools in some cases. 
  4. Coconut milk contains magnesium and potassium and too much potassium consumption causes diarrhea. 
  5. Other thickening ingredients in coconut milk(refrigerated) lead to diarrhea. 

Can You Drink Coconut Milk Raw?

You can drink coconut milk as it is. Drinking raw coconut milk directly from coconut provides many health benefits. 

Because it is fresh, it gives your body various nutritional benefits. 

You can put raw coconut milk in cereals, desserts, smoothies, and shakes. To make healthy smoothies and shakes in an easy way, you can use smoothies and shakes blender at home.

Raw milk gives a creamy and soft touch to your foods. You can also add ice cubes to it.

But here is the thing to remember canned coconut milk that you bought from the market is not in raw form. 

It can also cause weight gain due to its fat-rich content.

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Coconut Milk at Night?

It is a good option to drink at night. Drinking coconut milk at night gives you better sleep and relaxes your muscles. It contains amino acids called tryptophan that work best for sleep.

Magnesium and potassium in coconut milk help in increasing sleep quality.

Drinking it at night keeps you feeling full during the night and helps to avoid unhealthy snacking. It keeps you warm at night and you feel fresh in the morning.  

Drinking Coconut Milk on an Empty Stomach?

Coconut milk on empty stomach
Coconut milk on empty stomach

Coconut milk can be used for making cereals and oat meals for breakfast due to its creamy texture. It is very popular in the South Asian region because it is commonly used in making sauces and soups there during the morning time. 

People used it as part of their plant-based diet. You can easily prepare it at home. 

For an empty stomach, coconut water is a better option for your health. In the morning it works best for your immunity and increases metabolism. 

During summer, it also prevents dehydration and keeps your skin healthy. It also reduces oxidative stress. You can also drink it between meals.

Is Coconut Milk Good to Drink Every Day and How Much?

As a beverage, coconut milk is a healthy and easy option to go for because it is easy to digest and keeps your stomach healthy. It is beneficial for stool and doesn’t contain any lactose like normal milk. 

It keeps you hydrated and drinking 1-2 cups of it is good enough for everyday consumption of coconut milk.