Is White Chocolate Vegan, Is it Really Healthy for You?

Is White Chocolate Vegan?  Is it Really Healthy for You?

White chocolate is known as a good old-fashioned dessert. It is made up of cocoa butter (a yellow vegetable fat extracted from cocoa beans) while other chocolates are made up of cocoa beans. Cocoa butter is mixed with milk solids and sugar to make this delicious chocolate. 

For adding flavor to it, vanilla is used because cocoa butter does not contain any kind of flavor. But cocoa butter gives the creaminess to the chocolate. It also contains soy lecithin. 

Good quality white chocolate is a little bit yellow in color because the color of the cocoa butter is naturally yellow.  

But if it is pure white, there is a high chance that it is not good for you. The pure white color of chocolate comes from the bleaching and deodorizing process.

Is White Chocolate Vegan?

White chocolate contains milk which is a dairy substitute so it is clearly not vegan. Milk solids and milk powder are the other main ingredients of it so it cannot be considered vegan chocolate. 

Why is White chocolate called Chocolate?

It does not look like chocolate.

It does not taste like chocolate.

And it does not even contain solid cocoa.

But its main ingredient is cocoa butter which is connected with the roots of the chocolate. Cocoa butter is extracted from cocoa beans and cocoa beans are the main ingredient of any chocolate that’s why it is called chocolate. 

Is White chocolate healthier than Dark chocolate? 

White chocolate contains cocoa butter which contains antioxidants. It contains high saturated fat and sugar therefore it is high in calories. 

It also contains milk which is high in calcium. So it is good for heart health and immunity. But it does not contain cocoa powder or solid cocoa and not any fiber. 

On the other hand, 

Dark chocolate contains more cocoa than white chocolate and contains more fiber, protein, and antioxidants. Although dark chocolate is not properly healthy due to fat content and other reasons, still it is a better option than white chocolate. 

Is White chocolate healthier than Milk chocolate? 

White chocolate contains more milk than milk chocolate. And it has a sweet taste due to its high sugar content.  

On the other hand,

Milk chocolate contains solid cocoa. It contains more nutrients and calories. Calcium in milk chocolate helps in muscle building and it is also good for your bone health. Milk chocolate contains less sugar than white chocolate. It also offers more antioxidants

Therefore, milk chocolate is a better option than white chocolate. 

Is White Chocolate Unhealthy? 

Before coming to the conclusion, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of white chocolate. 

Advantages and disadvantages of white chocolate: 


White chocolate does not contain any kind of cocoa solids, it is made from cocoa butter. Therefore, it is caffeine-free chocolate. 

It contains almost 151 calories which can provide instant energy to your body. 

It has a delicious buttery taste due to its high sugar content and other flavors.

It is smoother than other chocolates. 

It helps to reduce bad cholesterol which is good for your heart health. 

It boosts our immunity because of its high amount of antioxidants. 

If you are allergic to chocolate then you can still eat white chocolate. 


Cocoa butter does not have any good taste so high sugar is added to white chocolate to make it tasty. As a result, white chocolate contains almost 60% sugar which is very high. 

To make it properly white, vegetable oils or palm oils, fats, and artificial colors are added to it. Which is unhealthy for you. Good quality white chocolate has a pale yellow color(not exactly white). 

It has fewer antioxidants and it does not contain the required nutrients for your health. 

In conclusion, white chocolate has a delicious taste but also it doesn’t contain any proper nutrients. It is not unhealthy but it contains fewer health benefits which are not enough for your body. So it is recommended to take only 20 gm per day. 

How long does White Chocolate keep you Awake? 

It contains high milk content which promotes sleep. It also contains less caffeine and no solid cocoa content which promotes sleep. Therefore, it can make you feel sleepy. 

But eating it right before bedtime can cause teeth problems because it contains high sugar content. So it is important to brush your teeth after eating it to avoid cavities. 

Is White Chocolate Good for Studying? 

It helps to reduce tension and stress which also reduces headaches. It provides instant relief and relaxes our nervous system. It provides relief due to its dopamine content which also works as a mood booster. 

So it can help in your studies by relieving your nervousness. 

Is White Chocolate Good for Weight Loss? 

It helps to burn body fat and helps in weight loss. The best time for eating white chocolate is morning time or nighttime. In morning and night time it helps in fat burning and reduces the weight better.

It reduces bad cholesterol and makes our hearts healthy. It also reduces blood sugar levels therefore it is good to eat. 

But it contains fat and sugar which increases its calories and it does not provide any required nutrients to the body. 

It also contains saturated fats due to the presence of cocoa butter. 

So it is necessary to take it in moderation. Eating too much white chocolate can lead to weight gain. 

If you want to take it regularly then you should consult your doctor. 

Is White Chocolate Good for your Skin?

It contains cocoa butter which contains moisturizing properties and it hydrates your skin. Cocoa butter makes your skin soft and smooth. 

It also contains antioxidants that prevent the skin from free radical damage. 

Fine lines and wrinkles come due to less presence of natural oil in the skin. And white chocolate contains high amounts of fats which reduces acne, wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots. 

But eating it too much can cause acne. 

Is White Chocolate Good for Period Cramps?

Sugar, oils, and dairy products increase period cramps and white chocolate contains all of it. It also does not contain any cocoa therefore it is not a good choice for periods. 

Instead, you can eat dark chocolate.

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