How does Ashwagandha Works in Body and Brain?

How Ashwagandha Works in Body and Brain? 

Known as winter cherry, Ashwagandha works best as a tonic and gives various benefits to the body and brain. 

This Indian Ginseng contains anti-inflammatory properties that help to prevent free radical damage. It fights with neurological problems and also slows down the aging process. 

It helps to increase sexual and reproductive balance in the body. 

Does Ashwagandha Makes You Emotionless?

No, it contains relaxing properties that help to calm down the nervous system. But it does not make you completely emotionally vacant. 

It reduces stress and anxiety and makes you carefree and calm. Calmness is also a required emotion that helps you to deal with difficult emotions. It also helps you to not feel overwhelmed. 

By reducing stress, ashwagandha also promotes feelings of positivity and provides a beautiful balance between emotions. 

Thus, Ashwagandha increases the feeling of happiness and decreases the level of anxiety and sadness. 

It creates a very great emotional balance and provides mental clarity. 

Ashwagandha not only makes you calm but also improves your all-over mood. Thus it increases your mood and your stamina. 

But here is a point to remember excess consumption of ashwagandha can cause opposite effects. So it is advised to take it according to your health requirement. 

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How Ashwagandha Works on Brain?

Ashwagandha improves brain memory and focus. It also increases sleep quality by reducing stress levels and promoting deep sleep. 

Ashwagandha contains neuroprotective qualities. It reduces oxidative levels and also prevents the brain from neurodegenerative diseases.

Anxiety causes:

  • Restlessness
  • Lack of concentration  
  • Insomnia 
  • Trembling
  • Overthinking

And ashwagandha reduces cortisol which is a stress hormone (responsible for stress and anxiety). 

Ashwagandha is very beneficial for a person who deals with a stressful environment. 

It protects the brain from cell degeneration and prevents diseases like Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. 

It improves the cognitive ability of the brain and protects it from other toxins exposure. 

Lack of oxygen and blood in the brain leads to dangerous strokes and ashwagandha helps to increase oxygen levels in the brain. Thus, it also protects the brain from stroke.  

Ashwagandha for Sleep and Energy

Ashwagandha for Sleep and Energy
Ashwagandha for Sleep and Energy

Ashwagandha works dually when it comes to sleep and energy. Ashwagandha not only increases your sleep quality but also helps to boost your energy levels. 

It is very beneficial for increasing muscle strength. It is used by many bodybuilders to increase muscle strength and physical enhancement. It not only increases muscle mass but also works best to reduce fatigue after the workout. 

When it comes to sleep, ashwagandha provides you with deep sleep. But it does not make you sleepy. To increase sleep quality, you can take it 30 minutes before bedtime to get better results. 

Can I take Ashwagandha with Water?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to take ashwagandha with water. To take its benefits, you can boil it in two cups of water with ginger also until the mixture is reduced to half. After it gets cool then you can also add honey to it. 

Whether it is in powder form or in the form of a tablet or capsule, you can take it with water.

The Ashwagandha powder also known as ashwagandha churna and taking it with water is the very easiest and simplest way. 

If you are taking it with water then you can also add honey, raw sugar, mishri powder, and ghee. It not only reduces the bitterness of ashwagandha but also brings a sweet taste to it. Thus it becomes easy to consume it. 

Ashwagandha powder can also be added to smoothies. This is also used in making tea.  

Taking an ashwagandha tablet or capsule two times a day with lukewarm water works best and gives amazing results. 

In case you are taking it in the form of a tablet or capsule then you can crush it and mix it in water. This is another way of taking it with water.

You can also take ashwagandha with milk or almond milk instead of water. And you can also mix ashwagandha powder with milk for better sleep at night.

Taking it with water or milk only depends upon what suits you. That works better for your appetite.  

Is It Safe to Take Ashwagandha and Magnesium Together?

Ashwagandha and Magnesium Together
Ashwagandha and Magnesium Together

Magnesium works best when it comes to energy and combating anxiety. It lowers blood pressure and helps to deal with neurological issues. 

Along with boosting immunity, magnesium improves blood pressure. Magnesium is the best to deal with sleep disorders.  

Ashwagandha and magnesium do not react with each other. Both remedies help to promote sleep and provide better relaxation. Taking them together works amazingly for stress issues. 

Ashwagandha and Magnesium Benefits:

Both remedies work best when it comes to providing energy.

These remedies provide strong energy and keep your heart healthy. 

Both reduce cortisol and are essential for cardiovascular health. 

Ashwagandha and magnesium regulate GABA(Gamma-aminobutyric acid) which helps to deal with sleeping disorders. GABA is a calming hormone that controls anxiety and stress in a better manner. 

Both Work best to treat insomnia.

Helpful in the case of panic attacks. Also, help in reducing exhaustion and fatigue.

Both magnesium and ashwagandha help you in working towards your goals.

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What should not be taken with Ashwagandha? 

It is best to add ashwagandha with honey, ghee, and water. These are the best combinations with ashwagandha. Milk is also a better choice to take with it. 

But what is not best? 

Ashwagandha interacts with certain supplements that you should notice before taking them. And some drugs might interact with ashwagandha and can affect you. For example- the drugs related to high blood pressure, diabetes, stress, and anxiety drugs with ashwagandha can harm you. 

In some cases, ashwagandha also interacts with some supplements such as sleepiness and blood thinner supplements. 

In case you are taking certain treatments or using some kinds of drugs and supplements regularly, then you should talk with your doctor before using them. 

Ashwagandha is generally safe. But it is too risky for you if you have any health condition such as diabetes, ulcer, thyroid, lupus, etc. 

You should be careful while taking it if you are taking certain anti-depressant and sedatives. 


Can we take ashwagandha in summer season?

Ashwagadha is very beneficial to take during summer. It enhances its cooling effects, you can add honey or raw sugar into it. In summer, this herb works effectively to reduce stress and fatigue.

How long does ashwagadha take to work for anxiety?

Ashwagangha is very helpful when it comes to reducing stress and increasing sleep quality. Research shows that this herb takes a maximum ten weeks to show its maximum results regarding stress management or anxiety.

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