How much time does Amla Juice take to Work?

Known as “Indian gooseberries”, Amla provides tremendous benefits to our skin, hair, and immunity. It also boosts our Vitamin C levels and improves heart health. Drinking amla juice every day creates a huge positive impact on the body. 

 You can see the result between 45-90 days (2-3 months) of regular consumption of amla juice. Taking two teaspoons of amla juice (20-30ml) every day gives your body amazing benefits.  

The best time to take amla juice is in the morning on an empty stomach. You should dilute it before taking it and you can take amla juice two times a day. You can also drink amla juice before your daily meals.

One amla contains 20 times more vitamin C than an orange and it is also used in ayurvedic medicine due to its high nutritional value. 

But, People having diabetes, pregnant women, people who have gone through any surgery recently, people who are allergic to amla, and people who are taking any kind of medication should consult with their advisor before taking amla regularly. 

Can we drink Amla Juice twice a day?

Yes, you can take two teaspoons(10-20ml) of amla juice twice a day but not more than two times. Because high consumption can cause acidity, heartburn, and other problems. 

Taking concentrated amla juice can also cause heartburn and acidity due to its acidic nature. So it is advised to dilute it with water. 

What happens when we drink Amla Juice daily?

Amla juice works as a natural blood purifier for our bodies. It removes the toxins from our bodies. 

High-fiber amla juice also works best for the digestion system and it cures the problem of constipation.

Carotene in amla improves our eye vision and keeps overall eye health better. Amla also prevents our eyes from itching, reddening, and eye-watering. 

Amla juice works best as a stress reliever juice and improves sleep. 

Amla juice treats nose bleeding, gum bleeding, and other gum problems. 

Anti-oxidants in amla juice help to cure the ailment and help to boost our immunity. 

Along with curing acidity and ulcer problems, Amla juice also keeps your liver healthy.

Drinking amla juice on an empty stomach also helps you in weight loss and keeps you in better shape. Amla juice also helps to burn unwanted fat. 

Amla juice keeps our hearts and kidney healthy. Amla juice makes your heart muscles strong so that your heart can pump blood more easily.

Amla juice also protects your body from harmful UV rays.

Due to the presence of vitamins and minerals, amla juice helps to reduce menstrual cramps. 

Vitamin C in amla juice increases the WBC in the body which not only boosts our immunity but also treats various infections in the body.

Amla prevents dangerous diseases like cancer

How does Amla Juice help (ways to use Amla Juice) 

Taking Amla juice with honey and turmeric on an empty stomach can cure UTIs (urinary tract infections).

10-20ml Amla juice with water on an empty stomach works best for weight loss.

For acidity, you can take amla juice with pure ghee twice a day. 

Can we drink Amla Juice after Food?

Drinking amla juice after food helps in food digestion. It works better after having lunch. But you can also take it before or after a meal, there is no harm.  

It is good to take amla juice every day. 

Can we drink Amla Juice at night?

Yes, you can drink amla juice at night and it helps in detoxifying your food at night. 

But in some cases, people experience acidity, heartburn problems, and sleeping issues at night because amla contains citric acid. 

And juice consumption at night causes frequent urination which disrupts your sleep.

It also has cold potency, that’s why it is best to drink it in the morning time. 

Amla juice for hair growth

Hairs are made up of 99% protein and amla contains a good amount of protein and amino acids. This helps in hair growth and also helps in tackling hair fall. 

Amla strengthens the follicles for hair growth, cures dandruff, and makes your hair shiny and strong. 

How to make Amla Juice for hair growth? 

Amla provides all the nutrients for your hair. For using amla juice for your hair, all you need is fresh amla juice and lemon juice. After mixing both juices, you can apply the mixture to the scalp of your hair. It works as a tonic for your hair. After an hour, you can wash your hair. 

You can prepare amla juice by grinding fresh amla pieces then you can apply this fresh juice directly to your hair.

You can prepare an amla wash for your hair wash. Boil the pieces of amla and leave them for 30 minutes in the same water. Later, you can use that water for hair washing. This will provide amazing benefits to your hair

Amla juice is safe to apply directly to your hair.

The best way to use amla juice is to add it to your daily diet. You can see its amazing hair benefits after using it regularly. 

Amla Juice For Skin 

Amla juice contains a good amount of vitamin C which helps in skin glowing. Amla juice consumption makes your skin brighten and it makes your skin flawless. 

Amla is a good blood purifier for the skin and it makes your skin clear, prevents skin aging, and reduces acne, pimples, and blemishes. 

Skin tissues lose softness and firmness when skin collagen decreases. Amla juice is rich in vitamin c which helps in new collagen cell production. This makes your skin soft and firm.

Amla juice also tightens your skin. 

Vitamin C and other antioxidants in amla juice work best for repairing damaged tissues.

Amla juice Application on the Face 

You can mix two tablespoons of amla juice and two tablespoons of aloe vera gel. You can simply apply the mixture on your face for 10-15 minutes then wash it. 

You can also apply amla juice on your face directly and wipe it with cotton after it dries. During the application, avoid contact with the eyes. 

It acts as a natural cleanser for your face and removes all dead skin cells from your face. 



Is drinking amla juice at night helpful?

Drinking amla juice at night improves digestion. It detoxifies the food we eat and promotes deep sleep. But in some cases, it can also cause acidity and irritation at night.

How to use amla juice for a glowing face?

There are two ways you can use amla juice for a face glow. 1) Drinking amla juice regularly increases skin glow. 2) You can also directly apply it to your face as a natural cleanser.