Manuka Honey Benefits for Skin and Hair and How to Use it

Manuka honey contains a lot of benefits not only for skin but also for hairs.

Manuka honey is obtained from manuka plants which can be found in New Zealand and Australia.

Manuka honey contains some anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which makes it special honey among the various types of honeys and benefits of it we will discuss below.   

Manuka honey benefit for Skin:

Many people face acne problems and manuka honey helps to treat acne. It basically reduces the bacteria that causes acne.  

Like acne, manuka honey also treats other skin problems like dark circles, swelling and redness.

Manuka honey prevents aging problems like fine lines and wrinkles. 

Manuka honey contains antibacterial properties which help in healing wounds. It also prevents the infection of wounds which can make wounds worse. Best thing is, it also reduces wound pain.  

Manuka honey uses and precautions:

You can apply it directly or you can mix it with some other ingredients or products. We don’t recommend it to use directly on skin. If you apply it directly on skin then leave it only for 5-10 min and rinse it with water after. 

The best way to use manuka honey is to mix it with oils and glycerine. You can use manuka honey in different home remedies to make home-made face masks, face wash, creams etc. Manuka honey can also be used in spot treatments. 

Manuka honey moisturizer is best for healing cracked and dry skin. It hydrates your skin, moisturises it and makes your skin smoother. 

Manuka honey benefits for hairs:

Manuka honey for hair
Manuka Honey for Hairs

Manuka honey prevents hair breakage and promotes new cell growth which helps hairs to grow longer. It prevents various kind of infections that restricts your hair growth.  

Due to the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of manuka honey, it eliminates the problem of hair dandruff. 

Manuka honey is the best honey to moisturizes your hair as well. It boosts hair shine and moisturizes dry hair. It also improves hair scalp health in many ways. 

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How to Use Manuka Honey on Your Hair

Manuka Honey Hair Masks

Manuka Honey Hair Mask with Coconut Oil:
Take ½ cup manuka honey and ½ cup coconut oil. Mix these and gently heat the mixture (not too hot).

When the mixture gets cool enough, then apply it on your hairs. Leave it for one hour and it will work magically for split ends and dry scalp.

After one hour, you can simply wash your hair. It moisturise your hair naturally.

Manuka Honey and Egg Yolk Mask:
Take ½ cup honey and 1-2 egg yolk. Mix these together and apply on your hairs.

After applying on hair scalp to ends for one hour, you can simply wash your hair. It will naturally nourish your hair.

Manuka Honey is completely natural and safe to use unless you are allergic to it.

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