Drinking Carrot Juice for a Month, 5 Amazing Benefits

Carrot juice is a good source of potassium, and vitamins A, B, and K. It provides amazing benefits to your skin, eyes, and teeth. It not only helps in improving your heart health but also boosts your immunity. 

But should we drink carrot juice every day? And how much? What kind of benefits will it provide to our body if we drink carrot juice for a month? The answers are given below…

Drinking carrot juice for a month will improve your vision, help collagen production, improve skin health, reduce heart disease risk, and will improve your blood sugar regulation. 

Carrot is rich in vitamins and minerals which provide various benefits to your health. You can add this juice to your routine and it is also very beneficial for applying directly on your face. 

Here is why you should add Carrot Juice to your Routine. 

1) For Eye Health- Carrots contain vitamin A which is beneficial for eye health. It helps in improving vision and prevents eye blindness problems. A deficiency of vitamin A can cause night blindness. 

Carrot also contains lutein and beta-carotene which works best for eye health and provides better vision. Lutein in carrots also prevents blurred vision which is caused due to age. It also prevents AMD. 

2) Blood Sugar- Carrot is a low glycaemic index vegetable that helps in managing the blood sugar levels in the body. Therefore it works best for lowering blood sugar levels. 

3) Skin Health- Vitamin C helps in collagen production which provides strength to your skin and makes it glowing. Vitamin C also protects the skin from free radical damage. That’s why drinking carrot juice keeps you young by preventing wrinkles and gives you healthy skin. 

It also protects your smile by preventing cavities and tooth decay.

4) Heart Health- An increment in the oxidation of blood lipids causes heart disease and carrot juice decreases oxidation. It improves our heart health and helps in lowering cholesterol.

Potassium in carrot reduces the risk of stroke and high blood pressure. Potassium helps in regulating the proper blood pressure throughout the body. 

5) Immunity- A deficiency of vitamin B leads to weak immunity and carrots are rich in Vitamin B. Vitamin B in carrots helps in the growth of immune cells and boosts your immunity. 

Vitamin A and C protects our immune cells from free radical damage and strengthens our immunity. 

Can I Drink Carrot Juice Every day? 

Carrot juice contains a lot of beneficial nutrients so it is perfectly safe to drink daily. But on the other hand, this juice contains high sugar and low fiber. Adding more sugar to it can increase your blood sugar and can create health problems. 

Fiber helps to slow down the sugar absorption in the body but juices contain no fiber which also increases blood sugar absorption. 

Therefore, it becomes necessary to take carrot juice in limited quantities. 

How much Carrot Juice is Safe to Drink Daily?

4 Ounces of carrot juice are safe to drink daily. More than 4-ounce of juice daily can affect your health. It can create skin colour problems, blurred vision, headaches, and liver problems.

Excessive amounts of Vitamin A can lead to bone pain and seizure problems. 

Consuming too much beta-carotene can cause carotenemia which can turn your skin yellow. You can easily notice this yellow colour in the palm and soles of the feet. However, carotenemia is temporary and not so harmful but it clearly shows that you should take your diet in the required amount.

So it is recommended to drink ½ cup of carrot juice per day to take its proper benefits.  

To drink fresh carrot juice every day at home, you can use vegetable juice extractor without any additives.

Can I drink Carrot Juice after Lunch?

Drinking juice with meals or after meals can cause certain problems. This juice is very nutritious so it is better to take it in the morning. On an empty stomach, it detoxifies your body and improves nutrient absorption. 

Taking carrot juice with breakfast will keep you feeling full for a long time in a day. 

Can I drink Carrot Juice at Night?

Carrot juice contains alpha-carotene which promotes better sleep and Carrot contains a lot of minerals and nutrients like potassium, vitamin A, and vitamin B6 which helps in providing quality sleep. 

If we take carrot juice before bedtime, it helps in repairing the body cells during sleep and we will feel energetic the next morning. 

Low melatonin production leads to difficulty sleeping and lack of concentration during the awake state. It promotes melatonin production which also helps in new cell growth. 

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Best time to Drink carrot juice for Eyesight? 

Carrot helps to prevent free radical damage to the eyes and provides strong vision. Vitamin A contains rhodopsin which helps you to see at night. It also prevents various eye disorders.

The best time to drink orange juice is in the morning when all the nutrients get absorbed easily. 

Does Carrot Juice Whiten skin?

Yes, Carrot juice whitens skin because carrot contains a good amount of vitamin c and anti-oxidants which helps in collagen production. 

  • It brightens your skin 
  • Makes your skin glow
  • Prevent your skin from wrinkles
  • Protect your skin from Sunburn
  • Protect your skin from harmful UV rays 
  • Lighten the skin tone
  • Reduces Hyperpigmentation 
  • And hydrates your skin. 

Having 1 glass (4 ounces) of carrot juice in the morning every day helps to get all the benefits to your skin. 

It also flushes the toxins in your body which helps your skin’s complexion. 

How to use Carrot Juice for Skin Whitening?

Applying carrot juice with aloe-vera regularly on the face promotes collagen production and prevents wrinkles.  


Together and applying the mixture on your face for 15-20min removes dead skin cells and tanned skin. After applying the mixture for 15-20min, you can wash your face with lukewarm water. 

You can also simply add carrot juice to your diet to take its amazing benefits. 

To make carrot juice,

Firstly, wash 6 carrots and 1 beetroot (for additional benefit) 

You can also add lemon juice and ice (optional) to the carrot juice.

Your fresh carrot juice is ready. 



When to drink carrot juice for fair skin?

Carrot juice is the best juice to protect us from harmful UVA rays. It reduces melanin and removes unwanted sun tan. It also helps in skin whitening. Thus, it is best to take carrot juice for fair skin.

Carrot juice after a meal or before a meal?

Carrot juice is very nutritious and that’s why you should consume it early in the morning. Taking it before or after meals will not give you many benefits and can also cause various health problems.


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