Top Blue Foods, Drinks and Snacks Healthy and Natural

Blue foods are filled with nutrition and essential compounds. These foods contain Omega-3 and B12 especially if they are derived from aquatic territories. 

Blue foods help to reduce the risk of heart disease and help to reduce oxidative stress. These foods are very helpful to deal with free radicals. 

Blue foods are so rare due to their special chemical compound presence. An anthocyanin pigment in them causes blue hoes.  If you notice, blue foods are not exactly blue, most of them have more purple color than blue. 

But you can take the benefits of the following blue foods. These blue foods are available in the form of fruits, vegetables, herbs, powder, drinks, and snacks. 

Healthy Blue Foods 

Blue Corn- Blue corn is very similar to yellow corn but has a different color. Blue corn contains healthy micro-nutrients and has high antioxidants. You can use it in making salads and soups. You can also douse blue corn with butter. 

Blue Mushroom (Lactarius Indigo)- These can be found in the pine forests. The best part is you can also eat them raw. If you want to cook them then it is better to fry them to avoid their juice leakage. This is a very special species of mushroom that is safe to eat. 

Blue Cheese- It has a unique taste and smell. You can eat it with fruits such as pears(ripe) and you can use them with broccoli soup. It can be stilton or creamy sometimes. But it is a good option to pick. 

Blue Spirulina Algae- You can easily buy it from the supermarket. It grows naturally in alkaline water lakes or near them. It is a versatile and nutritious superfood you can pick.

You can use it in your soups and salad and also sprinkle it over them. You can use blue spirulina powder in smoothies, ice creams, sushi, and pasta.

Blue Sausage Fruit- People use it for Halloween decorations. It is also known as ‘dead man’s fingers’. It has a similar taste to cucumber. It splits very easily and has black hard seeds. This fruit is very similar to sausage and that’s why it is called sausage fruit.   

Concerned Grapes- These grapes are easily available in the United States. You can use them in making fruit salads and you can also consume them in the form of juice. You can make easy and quick juice at home. Jam of concerned grapes is also a good option to pick. You can easily find them in supermarkets. 

They are rich in antioxidants and highly nutritious. They are loaded with vitamins and give various amazing benefits to your body. 

Blue Marble Tree- They are also considered as ‘figs’. You can find it in Australian gardens and other common areas there. These are also available in Hawaii. You can add them to your food list.

Healthy Blue Drinks

healthy blue drinks
Healthy Blue Drinks

Butterfly Peo Flowers- This is the best ingredient to use in making herbal tea. This flower contains health-improving properties. It is rich in antioxidants and gives a beautiful blue-purple color to your tea, you can also add lemon into it. 

Blue Honey- Blue honey is produced in France by bees. Bees in this region feast on blur flowers that cause blue color, honey. There are a lot of debates and mysteries behind its color.

But it has the same sweet taste as delicious golden honey. You can mix it with yogurt and drizzle it over your favorite ice cream.

Blueberry Milk Tea- It is made with real blueberries, milk, and green tea. It is the best drink during summer. You can add boba pearls to it.

Adding ice to it is also a great option. This is the perfect replacement for boba and tea with milk. 

Thai Double Blue Butterfly Tea- This blue pea flower can be found in Southeast parts of Asia. It is best to use in making healthy herbal tea. Its herbal tea gives you various nutritional benefits. It can give a natural beautiful blue color to your foods. You can also use it in powder form in your foods.

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Healthy Blue Snacks

healthy blue snacks
Healthy Blue Snacks

Blue healthy snacks are the best option to eat between or after meals. They are full of nutrients and prevent unhealthy cravings. You can easily put them into your daily diet. 

Blue Moon Ice Cream- It has a creamy texture with a beautiful blue color. You can find it in Wisconsin and the Midwest US region. 

Blue Velvet Cake- You can use it as a snack after dinner. It is very similar to red velvet cake and contains delicious flavors.

Blue Tomatoes- Blue tomatoes are a good and healthy snack option for you. You can eat it at any time with a pinch of salt on it. These blue tomatoes are also known as Indigo Rose Tomatoes. 

Blue Corn Chips- Blue corn chips are rich in protein and have a blue-purple color. You can find blue corn in the South American region.

Blue Raspberries- Blue raspberries are low in calories and help to prevent calorie intake if you want to lose weight. The best part is, you can consume it as a snack. It gives you various health benefits because it is a highly nutritious food option for you. 

Elderberries- These have a blue-purple color. Elderberries help to treat colds and flu. It is good for our immunity system. These berries help to receive fast from various illnesses. 

Starflower- This herb has various medicinal benefits. Starflowers can easily be found in Europe’s gardens. It also protects other plants from various insects if placed near them. 

Blue Potatoes (Adirondack)- Like normal potatoes, you can boil them, mash them, and cook them. This is the best snack to fulfill your craving. It keeps you fuller for a long time.

Blue Velvet Chip Cookies with White Chocolate- These are very similar to red velvet cookies and have a fantastic taste. White chocolate in them gives a creamy delicious taste. The creamy texture and crispiness of these chip cookies make them the best snack option for you. 

Blue Feather Leaf Lettuce- These leaves are massive, tall, and giant. That’s why these leaves are also known as Giant blue feather leaves. These leaves are best to add to your salads. These leaves not only add one more color to salads but also add crispness to your salad. It is the best choice for salad lovers. 


Blue Foods and Snacks Healthy

Blue Foods- Blue mushroom, Blue Sausage Fruit, blue corn, blue cheese, and blue tomatoes. Blue Snacks- Blue Moon Ice Cream, Blue Velvet Chip Cookies with White Chocolate, Blue potatoes, and Blue Feather Leaf Lettuce.

Blue Foods and Drinks Healthy

Blue Foods- Blue Sausage fruit, Blue Feather Leaf Lettuce, Blue mushrooms, and Blue raspberries. Blue Drinks- Blueberry Milk Tea, Butterfly Peo Flowers, Thai Double Blue Butterfly Tea and Blue honey.

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