Chamomile Tea During Intermittent Fasting and Water Fasting?

Is Chamomile Tea During Intermittent Fasting and Water Fasting Good? 

When it comes to intermittent fasting, every individual has different needs. It does not work best for everyone and you should consult with a physician before starting it.

Intermittent fasting has 8-16 hour windows of fasting. So, it is important to choose the right one for you. 

It all depends upon food or drink calories, whether it breaks your fast or not. It is good to choose low-calorie drinks (about 5 calories) during fasting. High-calorie items can break your fast. 

Chamomile tea is herbal tea and it is absolutely calorie-free. It is perfectly safe to drink chamomile tea during intermittent fasting. 

It is a great option during fasting, helps to lose weight, and helps in weight management. 

Zero-calorie chamomile tea effectively contributes to your intermittent fasting. Your body gets no extra calories because of it and uses its own stored fats for energy. 

But there is a point to note that you should avoid adding certain items that increase the calorie count to your chamomile tea. 

Adding sugar to your tea can also increase the calorie count. Therefore, you should avoid such items in your tea. However, there is a lot of debate on artificial sweeteners’ calorie count. 

 Why Chamomile Tea? 


  • It contains a good amount of anti-oxidants that makes it the best choice for intermittent fasting. 
  • It helps in managing glucose and helps to reduce oxidative stress. 
  • The best part is, it is a caffeine free tea so you can drink it without worries at any time. 
  • It contains potassium, calcium, and iron but in small quantities and gives you little but healthy benefits. 
  • It might be helpful in reducing acid reflux and gastric problems due to its anti-inflammatory properties. 
  • It improves digestion and reduces gas, nausea, and diarrhea problems due to its amazing medicinal properties. 
  • Instead of drinking water during fasting, you can chamomile tea but in limited quantities. 

Chamomile Tea on Water Fast

During the water fast, we consume only liquids such as water. The requirements of water fast depend upon individual needs and medical history. 

It is a good fast kind to lose weight and burn stored body fat. 

But the water fast needs practice and preparation because you can’t consume any food items during the fast. And this fast can be 24+ hours longer easily. 

For this fast, you need to consult with your physician.

Chamomile tea is prepared with dried chamomile flowers with no extra ingredients. Therefore, it is very safe to drink during water fast. 

Adding any ingredient that contains calories can break your fast. Therefore, you should avoid adding sugar, artificial sweeteners, creams, and any milk into it. Adding such ingredients can also spike insulin levels.

During water fast, drinking unsweetened chamomile tea works best for you. It is a good source of hydration during fasting, the same as water and herbal green tea.

Remember, drinking more than 4 cups (about 940-950ml) of chamomile herbal tea can affect your health.  

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Is it Okay to drink Chamomile Tea While Fasting,

Will it Break a Fast or Not?

Chamomile Tea During Fasting?
Chamomile Tea During Fasting?

This is a very common myth that drinking tea, especially herbal tea can break your fast. But in reality, it is not true. 

The truth is, drinking herbal tea such as chamomile tea will not break kind of fast. 

But if you use any kind of spices, certain herbs, or other ingredients then Yes, It can break your fast. 

It is very common to use such items in herbal tea and it also gives you many health benefits. But fasting will definitely add calories. 

Plain chamomile tea is good to drink during fasting. It is good to choose quality over taste. 

You should also check labels if you are buying it in powder form from the market. 

Chamomile Tea Or Green Tea

Lets check a quick comparison between Chamomile Tea and Green Tea:

Chamomile tea has a pleasant, soft, and mild smell. It has calming properties and promotes good sleep at night. Green tea makes you energetic and boosts energy for doing physical activities. 
Chamomile tea is caffeine free tea.  Green tea contains caffeine.
Chamomile tea is blessed with healing properties. It has anti-microbial properties and anti-inflammatory properties that help to heal wounds.  Green tea works best for the brain and memory. It is very helpful to improve concentration.
Chamomile tea is very beneficial in terms of treating acne.  Green tea helps to reduce dark circles by reducing blood vessels shrinking. 
Chamomile tea reduces headaches, stress, and anxiety due to its calming properties.  Green tea contains properties to treat stomach pain and bloating. 

Chamomile herbal tea is more effective in reducing pain than green tea. It is very effective when it comes to reducing menstrual cramps. 

Chamomile Green Tea

Chamomile and green tea are two very beneficial teas that help to lose weight along with immunity-increasing benefits. Both protect you from various infections and flu. 

You can mix these amazing teas and make a perfect and beneficial tea. This tea provides you with various digestive benefits with relaxation.  

You can drink this wonderful tea at any time of the day. It works best for weight loss. 

Chamomile green tea is very helpful in reducing inflammation and improving heart health. 

It prevents free radical damage due to the good amount of antioxidants in it. 

It boosts immunity due to anti-inflammatory properties and also reduces the risk of various diseases and infections due to its anti-bacterial properties. 

It is effective in treating nausea, bloating, and indigestion. 

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Can I Drink Chamomile Tea After Dinner

Another big benefit of drinking chamomile herbal tea is it works very well on digestion. Drinking chamomile tea after dinner increases nutrient absorption and aids stomach issues. 

The lack of caffeine in it, it makes it the best drink choice before bedtime. 

Drinking chamomile herbal tea at night promotes deep sleep and resolves the issues regarding disruptive sleep. It reduces depression and other mental issues. 

In fact, it is widely used in famous bedtime teas as one of the main ingredients. 

It not only helps you in deep sleep but improves your mood and provides you with freshness in the morning to start your day. 

Therefore, you can also use it as your best bedtime drink for the best sleep. 


Will chamomile tea break my fast?

Chamomile tea is a calorie-free herbal tea. It will not break your fast until you add certain ingredients in it that increase the calorie count. A plain chamomile tea without such ingredients will not break your fast.

What’s chamomile tea good for?

Chamomile tea is good for weight loss, promotes good sleep, gives calming effects, and reduces menstrual cramps. It also works best for digestion and acne. You can drink it at any time of the day.

Does chamomile tea break a clean fast?

During a clean fast, you can drink calorie-free liquids like water. And chamomile tea is also calorie-free. It is herbal and safe to drink. Therefore, you can absolutely consume it during a clean fast.

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