Eating a big Breakfast and Skipping Lunch

Eating a big Breakfast and skipping Lunch 

People think eating a big breakfast and skipping lunch is okay due to their busy schedules. But it’s not.

We should indeed eat breakfast like a king. A lot of people heard about this and it is because breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Eating breakfast helps us to boost our energy levels and provides the proper glucose to the brain for better mental performance.

Skipping this important meal can become one of the main reasons for being overweight. Skipping breakfast also leads to high blood pressure and diabetes-like problems.

Your diet becomes more balanced if you are having proper breakfast every day without skipping it. 

But your breakfast quantity should be reasonable. You don’t need a 700-calorie breakfast to start your day. If you are eating a big breakfast with more calories to skip lunch then you are already eating more calories than usual.

Your breakfast should not be that big but your breakfast should contain the required protein. You might feel less hungry after having a big breakfast but it does not make you feel full throughout the day. It will not let you skip lunch. 

So instead of having a big breakfast, you can eat:

  • A wheat toast slice + egg + a piece of fruit
  • A bowl of cereal + fresh milk + a piece of fruit 
  • Oatmeal + fresh milk + some fruits  

Is it okay to skip meal if I have a heavy breakfast?

Skipping Lunch- People skip lunch due to their busy schedules or because they want to take in fewer calories. Most of them don’t eat lunch because their colleagues are not eating along with them.

There are plenty of reasons we can consider but the truth is, we should skip lunch. Skipping lunch is a big mistake people make due to these reasons. Eating lunch is equally important as breakfast. 

Your body requires fuel and a mental break at this time of the day. Having lunch provides the required energy to the body and glucose to the brain.

If you skip lunch frequently or it is your habit of skipping lunch then you might face low metabolism and nutrient deficiency. Which can affect your physical and mental health.

Skipping lunch sometimes is okay but regularly, it can decrease your blood sugar levels. Skipping lunch and not eating enough can cause low energy levels, and it also leads to high-level anxiety and depression. 

Skipping lunch can also lead to more hunger. As a result, you will consume more snacks in the evening which may affect your next meal(dinner).

Instead of eating a big breakfast and skipping lunch, you can try these meals to avoid being overweight and having low energy levels. [*] 

Here are some tips to avoid skipping lunch that can help you:

  • Try eating small portions of meals instead of skipping meals.
  • Eat high-protein and fibre snacks during the day.
  • Use snacks like yogurt or mixed nuts.
  • Set lunch dates with your family and friends
  • Listen to your body

Eating breakfast and lunch are very beneficial for our overall health. 


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